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There are both color coded games and single color games. The color coded games-alphabet is color coded to help children match letters. The regular games-alphabet selections are one color so the child is matching the letter only with no color clues.

There are 3 versions of the game- a bilingual sign language only game, a listening/auditory game and a combination game where children can click on the listen button after viewing the sign language video.


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If you want to follow developments of this and future games you can check out my blog where I ramble on about my game development thoughts among other things.

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Original game was created in PowerPoint during an Instructional Technology Internship at Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center in Washington, DC.
Special thanks to Ruth for allowing me to videotape her and to Rosemary Stifter for being my work supervisor during a wonderful internship.

LD Cute Worms font used in the title is from PCHugware by pcCrafter

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